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Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy varies depending on the age, level, goals and ambitions of the student. There are, however, commonalities across all ages and levels. My aim with all students is to have you playing music as soon as possible. This means playing music that you resonate with and enjoying that experience - this takes priority over everything else. At all ages and levels I encourage improvising, learning tunes, memorizing tunes, writing music, listening to music, appreciating music, singing, clapping and, of course, a solid foundation in piano technique, music theory and music reading. 

Lessons for Young Children

Children demonstrate an innate musical ability from a very young age. They can sing, dance, clap and appreciate music before they're able to read it and understand music theory. I encourage this innate musical ability from the first lesson. At this age I prioritize learning songs (by rote and by ear), improvising, and playing music over music reading. We have as much fun at the piano as possible. We will look at the fundamentals of music reading, but again, play first. 

Lessons should be 30 minutes per week. Many students benefit from having 2 30 minute lessons per week.


Lessons for Older Children and Teenagers

At this age I begin encouraging students to discover what music they resonate with. The best way to do this is to listen to music - listen as much as possible! Again, We improvise, learn and memorize songs (by ear and by rote), and play. At this age the student develops their music reading ability fast and we work together to deepen their understanding of the theory behind music. However, the priority is still the same; play music. 

I encourage students of this age to sit piano exams. Exams are not compulsory, but they provide the student with a clear goal to work towards. This goal can prove to be invaluable.  

Lessons should be 1 hour at this age, or at least 45 minutes. If the student cannot commit to this, 

I would encourage them to take 2 30 minute lessons each week. 

Lessons for Adults 

My lessons for adults are flexible. Some of my adult students are complete beginners, some have been playing the piano for decades. Adults already know what music they resonate with, so we let this guide the lessons. On day one we will establish what you wish to get out your piano lessons and work from there. 

Lessons should be 1 hour per week. If you're unable to commit to weekly lessons, we can arrange casual lessons.

About Me

Aaron Gleeson

My name is Aaron, I am a pianist, composer and music producer. I studied Music Performance and improvisation at the Victorian College of the Arts and have over 10 years experience performing in multiple ensembles and as a solo pianist. I have studied under some of the best piano teachers in Australia.

I continue to develop my own piano practice, my teaching methodology, and most importantly, my excitement and curiosity for music. I'm grateful to be able to share this with my students.

I hold a valid Victorian Working with Children Check.


CANCELLATION Policy 1. Cancellations must be made with at least 24 hours notice in order to receive a make-up lesson, otherwise the lesson will be forfeited. 2. Make-up lessons can be scheduled at a time convenient to both you and I. Ideally, they will be scheduled at a different time within the same week. 3. Make-up lessons must be used before the end of term. 4. No more than 2 make-up lessons per student each term. 5. In the event that I cancel a lesson and we're unable to schedule a make-up lesson, I will be sure to refund the lesson. 



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